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Hundreds of Palestinians injured in clashes

Hundreds of Palestinians injured in clashes

Palestinian protesters run to take cover from tear gas canisters fired by Israeli soldiers during clashes, in the village of Burqa, north of the West Bank city of Nablus, Dec. 23, 2021.(Photo: Xinhua)

Hundreds of Palestinians and one Israeli soldier were injured on Saturday during fierce clashes near the northern West Bank city of Nablus.

The Palestinian Red Crescent Society said in a statement that 247 Palestinian protestors were injured by Israeli soldiers in the village of Burqa, northwest of Nablus.

Among the injured, 10 were shot by live ammunition.

And 48 were shot by rubber-coated metal gunshots, with one in critical condition after he was shot in the abdomen, said the statement.

In the village of Bazaria, close to Burqa, 54 Palestinians were injured during clashes with Israeli soldiers, The Palestinian Red Crescent Society added in the statement.

Israeli media reported that an Israeli soldier was injured during the clashes in Burqa and Bazaria.

It is reported that Israeli soldiers opened fire to disperse the Palestinians who were trying to throw stones at them.

Palestinian eyewitnesses said that fierce clashes broke out in Burqa between Palestinian demonstrators and Israeli soldiers who arrived to protect Israeli settlers at an old settlement that was evacuated in 2005.

The Palestinian Foreign Ministry said that it holds the Israeli government “fully and directly responsible for the comprehensive Israeli aggression on the Palestinian people.”

The ministry said in a statement that Israeli soldiers and the settlers “continue escalating their aggression against our people who are celebrating Christmas and the New Year.”